My name is  Alison  and I can't wait to connect with you.  Here is a  little bit about me. I love

my family. Children, Grandchildren,  Sisters, my hubby  Mike, my dear 92 yr old Mom. I feel

so fortunate for all of my experiences with them. 

I also hold my Real Estate License  in BC and am so grateful for my past  and present clients.

Over 20 years ago I married a wonderful and fun loving Irish guy named Mike. Together, we 

have 11 Grandkids,  ages 28 down to 3 years. Truly fun to be  Nana and Papa. Great to be 

wiser now than while raising  our own kids too.

Vancouver has been home to me since I was born in Grace Hospital close to 70 years ago. 

I am fortunate to be a really healthy Baby Boomer.

I love the smell of the ocean, bread baking in the oven, and crushing lavender between my palms, cupping my hands and breathing the wonderful lavender aroma deep and delicious . Reading is a love of mine as well. 

From the time I was seven years old, I wanted to become a nurse. I fulfilled that dream in 1969 and realized it was part of my deep desire to help people.


If you believe that you have been put on this Earth to live in abundance, and have a healthy and free life, then you are thinking the way I think.


I'd love to get to know you better....let's talk.